What I Can't Forget To Pack

1. Winnie's binkie, blankie, and bunny
2. Bottles
3. Clothes from the dryer
4. Puddy's crate, food, bowls, and kong
5. My bathroom stuff
6. My dress
7. Our lunch--pizza, polenta, apple, peaches
8. The IPod and dock


What I'm Looking Forward to in Arkansas This Week

1. Warm weather
2. Playing with my nieces and nephews
3. Stobys cheese dip, small sandwich and mexican punch
4. Stephanie and Garrett's wedding (and the bridesmaids brunch)
5. Spending time with my family
6. Getting to see Matthew, Lindsey, and Addison
7. Getting to see the McEntires
8. Going to the Boxed Turtle
9. Winnie having playmates all week


Reasons I Love Living Downtown: A Shout-Out to the Homies

1. I love our loft
2. The dog park is way cooler than a backyard--Puddy has so many friends!
3. I have friends just a few feet or floors away
4. I always have an excuse to get out of something..."I don't want to drive all the way out to the county..."
5. All of the local stores and boutiques know me, Winnie, and Puddy
6. I love Uma!
7. Our favorite thing in the summer is to walk down to the Sidebar, Tin Can, or the Tap Room for dinner outside
8. Gelato is never more than 2 blocks away
9. I feel really safe in our loft building
10. Andy rarely has a list of to-do's around the house
11. There is a huge sense of pride and community down here
12. I love the neighbors ever.
13. I like being a little different than everyone else I know--not much else is that different
14. I could write a book about all the different stories these homeless people come up with to get a quarter--they can be very creative! Someone should hire them for their creativity...two birds, one stone.
15. Who else can say that there was a male db found by there house?
16. We walk to Cardinals games
17. We have only had about 2 spiders, flies, or insects in our loft...and no rodents. (in 5 years!)


Things I Wish I Hadn't Bought for Winnie

1. Rainforest Jumperoo. She hated it.
2. So many burp cloths. My big puker turned those things into kleenex in minutes.
3. Sheet savers. They are still under her crib in the packages.
4. Rice cereal. I gave up on it after week 3.
5. The g diaper system. Did not work for us.
6. So much expensive 0-3 month clothing. It flew by so fast, and she only wore footy jammies!


If I Could Create The Perfect Home

1. A pale pink, black, and white kitchen (featuring my Strawberry Shortcake miniatures collection)
2. A pool in the backyard that is less pool, more of an odd-shaped lagoon
3. A spiral staircase with an iron a handrail
4. A walk-in pantry with a hanging fruit basket
5. A playroom that is inspiring, bright, and organized. And that has a small stage and art area.
6. Modern interiors with splashes of antiques.
7. Winnie's room done in mismatched randomness from Anthropologie
8. A backyard treehouse with a dumbwaiter
9. Furnishings by Design Within Reach, Chiasso, FLOR, Good Works, and Rothschild's Antiques
10. Mostly neutrals and pops of bright colors
11. All Dwell bedding. I never want to sleep on another brand.
12. A dark gray dining room with an antique chandeleir
13. A big wall world map in Andy's office with push pins marking all the places we've been
14. An intercom system. I hate yelling in the house.
15. Beautiful art would be the centerpiece of the home
16. I most like Georgian revival or Tudor revival architecture


Trader Joes Favorite Things (for Jill:)

1. Veggie and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips...Karin got me hooked
2. Cat Cookies
3. Pizza dough balls
4. Dried Apricots...Aaron, those are the best!
5. Cheap flowers
6. Amy's brand knock offs are identical! (I usually hate a knock-off, but these are good...roasted veggie pizza, pesto bowls, etc)
7. Frozen chocolate covered bananas
8. Joe's brand Berrys and O's
9. Tomato Bisque soup in refrigerator section
10. Asian ice cream balls (covered in flour?), raspberry, green tea


Whole Foods Favorite Things

1. The Classic Cafe Muffins...Low-Fat Whole Wheat Blueberry and the Pomegranate Bran
2. Pizza by the slice
3. Uncle Eddie's vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
4. Chicago Diner vegan desserts by the slice
5. Baked brie with cranberries and mixed nuts
6. Rachel's yogurts
7. Ezekiel breads
8. Bio Pac automatic toilet bowl cleaners
9. Organic Valley cottage cheese
10. Sunspire candies
11. The 365 brand is really great
12. They now sell Winnie's pacifiers and bottles--I should be a buyer for them...I'm ahead of their market!


Things That I'm Glad To Have

1. A Chi iron
2. Winnie's Svan high chair
3. A very supportive husband
4. Our comfy daybed
5. Friends that I can count on
6. My family!
7. Good art in our home
8. Roomba
9. The cutest baby ever and another on the way
10. Right now, pimento cheese and Special K (not together)


What Winnie's Getting For Her 1st Birthday

...ssshhh, don't tell her!
1. A red Radio Flyer wagon
2. Funky Bloomers from Mini Boden
3. Twin Pack Pretty Top from Mini Boden
4. Her very own cake to smash her face into


Things I'm Sick Of

1. Buying a canister of formula every week--even Full Circle brand gets kinda pricey at that volume
2. My enlarging butt and thighs
3. My itchy skin
4. My favorite shows going into rerun mode for no apparent reason
5. This cold weather
6. Schnucks produce
7. People hurting
8. My messy car


Today's To Do

1. Take a long bath
2. Clean out the refrigerator
3. Introduce order to my Tupperware cabinet
4. Cut Winnie's nails
5. Clean out the high chair. It's disgusting.
6. Order prints from Walgreens
7. Try to squeeze into one of my dresses for a wedding next weekend.
8. Bake a butternut squash.


Lots of Childhood Memories

1. Playing school with Tracy
2. Playing Monopoly with Tracy, eating shredded cheddar cheese and drinking grape Kool-Aid
3. Crawling through the barbed wire fence to run through the Berkstresser's pasture to their house
4. The glorious sound of the attic fan
5. Taking naps on pallets at Mert and Donald's house
6. Being so scared to go to the "tiltcha room" to the deep freeze to get a push-up
7. Jenny's wall homage to teen heartthrobs with the silver glitter star in the middle
8. Going to Venture and McDonalds with Dad in my Easter dress
9. Riding in some basket-thing in Aunt Carol's bicycle
10. Getting nibbled on my crawdads in the creek on Grandpa's land
11. Climbing up hay bales in Grandpa's barn
12. Talent shows with just me and Elizabeth
13. Watching in horror when Elizabeth would smash dog ticks to make blood go everywhere
14. Staying up late and falling asleep in the living room when the Keithley's were over
15. Listening to Crystal Gail and the BeeGees on our old super big headphones
16. Watching the first episode of Unsolved Mysteries with Dad...I still remember that case about Wanda--still get nightmares
17. Climbing up the hall walls
18. Doing gymnastics on that old vinyl black mat
19. The nook in the living room with the dark desk, childcraft books, and later encyclopedias
20. Drawing on the concrete table outside with rocks
21. Being the first ones at all of Matt's basketball games
22. The always-present pan and basket of overused cooking grease--yuck!
23. Our old turquoise blue toilet, sink, and bathtub
24. Playing Barbies in the Berkstresser's downstairs with Jenny, Elizabeth, and Bridget
25. Giving bottles to the baby calves
26. Picking out dolls for Mert to crochet for me
27. Wetting my pants at Mert and Donald's house because I was too scared to go to their bathroom
28. Getting chased with Tasha by a man from "the house on the hill" from the pool to her dad's body shop
29. Making homemade ice cream at Grandpa's house
30. Sleeping in the back of the station wagon while Mom and Dad were who-knows-where


Words I Love

1. Wonder
2. Zanzibar
3. Catamaran
4. Temperate
5. Pomegranate
6. Bouillaibaise
7. Advertisement (I don't say it like you do)
8. Whipple
9. Poughkeepsie
10. Amethyst

Things I do every morning

1. Warm up a bottle and feed Winnie
2. Wish I were sleeping longer
3. Clean the goop out of my eyes
4. Switch from robe to comfy clothes
5. Pray with Winnie for Finn
6. Attempt to play fetch with Puddy
7. Check email, facebook, blogs, shirt.woot
8. Take my prenatal vitamin and consequently get fish burps
9. Drink a tall glass of chocolate soymilk

What It Is

I'm going to make lists. Confessions of a list maker, if you will, but that name was already taken. The lists will be about everything. Including...
1. Things I need to do
2. Random lists that I just want to get out to satisfy my need to make lists
3. Random things (my nod to facebook) about me and my family
4. Frustrations I might be having
5. Joys I might be experiencing
6. Lists that no one, even me, really understand.
7. Whatever comes to my mind. Which I've learned can be a bit weird.
I wouldn't expect you to keep up with this blog. I just thought it would be fun.