A Break

I'm taking a break from the list blog. It's become a burden for me, and I always said that when it came to that, I would stop. Plus, no one ever leaves comments, so I don't have any sort of positive feedback, except from my sweet Colorado friend who posts on facebook what she thinks about the lists. So sorry, Beth, you were my one true fan! If I ever start back up, I'll post my return on facebook.


What I Like Doing When I Come Home To Arkansas

1. Eat! (especially Zazas, US Pizza, Stobys, Jason's Deli, Bossanova...)
2. Shop! (downtown Conway, Box Turtle, the beautiful JCrew and Anthropologie in West Little Rock, Wilkinsons, The Kitchen Store) Especially because my parents buy me things.
3. Get treats- Maggie's Cookies for German Chocolate Brownies and carrot cookies and my new favorite Arkansas Pineapple Whip and Stoby's for Strawberry Cake and Tropical Storms and a smoothie at Planet Smoothie
4. Visit the Rivermarket on Saturday mornings for the farmer's market and go play with the kids at the park and splash pad
5. Swimming at Wooly Hollow or the Buffalo River
6. Throwing a themed party for the cousins
7. Watch OnDemand movies at my parent's house. I feel like I'm at a hotel!
8. I do love most just being around my family. Even if we are just sitting around and not doing anything on this list.

Our Car Snacks

1. Popcorn
2. A little bag of Skinny Cow turtles my small group leader gave me the other night
3. Bananas
4. Coconut water
5. Juice boxes
6. Carrot sticks
7. Peanut M&Ms


What's In The Passenger Seat On The Way To Branson

1. My iPhone
2. W's addition workbook
3. The kids DVD case
4. An envelope with our Silver Dollar City city passes inside
5. A flourishing green bean plant
6. Lunch bag
7. A pop can
8. My cell phone charger
9. A pair of earbuds


Today's Goodness

1. The kids are spending the day with their grandma
2. I get to go to the pool and lay out all afternoon- just me, a drink, some magazines
3. I'm already dreaming of my lunch- leftover veggie Imos pizza and lentil salad
4. I get to pack for our trip alone in the house while watching my saved Punk'd marathon. I love that show!
5. My weekly mom's group starts back up tonight- can't wait! It's such a fun and encouraging time for me.


Right Now

1. I took a break from dusting to do this list and have a little cherry crisp and chocolate almond milk (late breakfast of sorts)
2. Teddy is here, so the kids are having a wild blast. W is loving bossing them around playing with the boys.
3. The boys are currently running in circles around our island. I think they are on lap 45.
4. I have a pretty ambitious 10 item to-do list sitting next to me that I need to conquer before leaving for Arkansas Wednesday morning.
5. Listening to Gillian Welch on shuffle
6. A little worn out from just power mopping our entire loft
7. Wearing my "This Ain't My First Art Fair" t-shirt and some cut-off sweats with about 20 bobby pins in my hair and my favorite underwear- a pair of hand-me-downs from my little sister, because people do that, right?
8. Now W is putting on her Razorbacks cheerleading uniform and the boys are stuffing two purses full with Hot Wheels
9. Laundry is going, dishwasher is going
10. Trying desperately to think of more stuff to type on this list so that I do not...have....to....dust.
11. Singing along to "Dear Someone"
12. The boys have ushered into their famous "I'm sad, You're mad" argument. It makes no sense.


Weekend To-Do's

1. Clean out under all the furniture (I actually already did this, but I love a checked-off list)
2. Finish up my cherries
3. Circus Flora today with W and some friends from school
4. Find the hairpiece from the Playmobil horse-riding girl
5. Clean the floors
6. Make an Arkansas list
7. Get W's hair cut
8. Order photo prints
9. Work on butterfly book (a shutterfly book that I started last summer and never finished)
10. Dinner with Mis
11. Volunteering at Taste of Clayton tomorrow
12. Make our summer list