What's On Our Bookmarks Bar

1. Gmail
2. Facebook
3. NAI (Andy's work) email
4. Pull-down for Blogs
5. YouTube
6. Pull-down for Finances
7. Pull-down for Sports
8. Pull-down for Cary (my links)
9. Netflix
10. Pull-down for Andy


Where You'll Find Me This Weekend

1. Tower Grove Farmers Market
2. Donut Drive-In
3. The Murphy Pool
4. The couch
5. Riverside Church
6. Lenny's Subs


I Checked Off My To-Do List Yesterday

1. Organized W's closet again
2. Dressed Baby Boy's bed--tying on bumper pads one of my least favorite things to do
3. Bought supplies for an art project
4. Called all over town looking for Morningstar mini "corn dogs"--no luck
5. Put up the last of my ebay items for sale
6. Thought through any last-ditch attempt to try to go to Billy's wedding
7. Baked muffins


My Biggest Trader Joe's Shopping Trip EVER

1. Triple Berry-O's cereal
2. Pomegranate & Blueberry Flakes & Clusters Cereal
3. This fig walks into a bar...cereal bars
4. Righteous rounds cookies
5. Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla chips
6. Inside-out carrot cake cookies
7. Luna bars and Larabars
8. Mini cinnamon raisin bagels
9. Soy yogurt cups
10. Mini cheese sandwich crackers
11. Pesto tortellini bowl
12. Roasted veggie frozen pizza
13. Fat free pizza sauce
14. Bag of shredded cheese
15. Two pizza dough balls
16. Knock-off Naked juice smoothies (a dollar cheaper than Naked, will see if Murph falls for it)
17. Cheese Tortellini
18. Green Grapes
19. Frozen creamed Spinach


I Talked On The Phone Yesterday To...

1. Four Muddy Paws
2. Matt Dean
3. Missy Lang
4. Melinda Hogan
5. Jenny Lay
6. Andy Murphy
7. Becky Murphy


Today's Menu

1. Yogurt and granola, orange juice
2. Veggie wrap, wheat thins, apple, water
3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, water
4. Amy's Pizza, water
5. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, chocolate soymilk


All The Different Drinks in Our Refrigerator

1. Whole organic, DHA Omega-3 enhanced, Horizon milk
2. Chocolate Silk Soymilk
3. Plain DHA Omega-3 Silk Soymilk
4. Tropicana Calcium added Orange Juice
5. Simply Orange Juice
6. Simply Limeade Juice
7. Budweiser cans
8. various flavors of Naked Juice, Odwalla Juice smoothies
9. Water in the Brita pitcher
10. Cran-Grape Langers Juice 
11. Coca-Cola cans


My Favorite Little Winnie Books

1. I Am A Bunny
2. Bird, Fly High
3. Who Said Moo?
4. The Runaway Bunny
5. My Many Colored Days
6. The Monster At The End Of This Book
7. Art
8. Harry The Dirty Dog


What I Wish For

1. A Washington Avenue Farmer's Market
2. An easy labor and delivery
3. Doors where they should be and a painted closet
4. The angeli pizza (no chicken) from Il Vicino
5. A raspberry Simply Lemonade
6. Winnie to start walking
7. A downtown Whole Foods
8. A wagon big enough for someone to pull ME around in
9. A suntan
10. A flat tummy
11. That I didn't have to miss weddings because of their late-in-my-third-trimester dates
12. A newborn baby boy who loves to sleep and nurses perfectly
13. A margarita
14. My hair to be down to my shoulders


Busy Social Weekend To Do

1. Zoo this morning with friends
2. Baseball game tonight with Becky and Joel
3. See Jaimie Saturday
4. Farmer's Market with Aaron Saturday morning
5. Wedding dress trying-on and lunch with sister-in-law
6. Dinner with the girls at Canyon Cafe Saturday night
7. Church on Sunday (I haven't been in a month)
8. Lunch with friends from Arkansas on Sunday 
9. Extra day of weekend for Memorial Day!  Picnic with house group, maybe some pool time


All The Bad Things That Happened Yesterday

1. Winnie woke up too early, so was crabby all day
2. Wanted to buy Winnie cute pool shoes, ended up with ugly ones from Payless
3. Schnucks has decided not to carry 2 Murphy family staples anymore--Andy's OJ and Andy's chocolate peanut butter South Beach bars
4. Puddy had the runs and got it all over his butt and legs
5. Had to spend forever at the groomers waiting on a bath tub to come available--was not going to do that job at home
6. Was somewhat surprised with a dinner guest (but was happy he came)
7. Had to entertain said guest with the contents of Winnie's entire room piled in the rest of the loft
8. Spilled cranberry juice inside of my purse
9. Really had no time to take a shower, but desperately wanted and needed one


What I'm Thankful For Today

1. I have the best brother in the world...he detailed my car perfectly. It looks brand new.
2. I slept uninterrupted last night. No bathroom breaks or pain attacks.
3. I have the cutest little daughter ever.
4. It's finally warm out!
5. Fruit
6. Pedicures
7. Joe Lodes
8. I am going to not care about the house today and have fun and rest.


What We Need To Do Today

1. Shower 
2. Hopefully run by Missy's house
3. Go to OB appointment
4. Stop by Schnucks
5. Pick up the house
6. Mail a few packages
7. Make an actual dinner
8. Go to bed at a reasonable hour


Words I Do Not Like

1. Pasty
2. Pork
3. Groin
4. Panties
5. Preggo/Preggers
6. Wart
7. Some other ones, but they are bad words


My Favorite Vegetables in Order (1 is my favorite)

1. Sweet Potato
2. Red Pepper
3. Avocado (I know, it's a fruit...I don't go by that. It is savory, so I think it's a veggie)
4. Green Pepper
5. Spinach
6. Pea
7. Squash
8. Carrot
9. Zucchini
10. Corn on the cob
11. Green bean


Some of Puddy's Dog Friends

1. Ruffio
2. Rocky
3. Owen
4. Santino
5. Louie
6. Murphy
7. Trey
8. Jimmy


My Favorite Fruits In Order (1 is my favorite)

1. Pineapple
2. Raspberry
3. Strawberry
4. Pear
5. Peach
6. Orange
7. Blueberry
8. Green grape
9. Banana
10. Grapefruit
11. Apple
*Acai deserves a huge honorable mention, but since I don't get it a lot, I don't know how to rank it.



1. Puddy has found that lying on the ceramic tile in the bathrooms is the coolest spot in our loft.
2. I found a good sounding recipe, but one of the ingredients is in quotes..."tomatoes." What does that mean?
3. I only have a desire to eat breakfast foods.
4. I will be glad to have our loft finally finished after this weekend.
5. Milk always smells soured to me.
6. I need to move all my art books to a safer spot and clear the room for W's puzzles, but I don't have the energy to do it.
7. This SkipHop drying rack thing is one of my most favorite things.
8. My balcony flowers seem to be surviving. It's a miracle, because they usually do not.
9. We were crazy Tuesday night and ordered Papa Johns instead of Imos. I wish we hadn't tried to be crazy.
10. Today is our anniversary. Four years!


Rest Of The Week To-Do List

1. Pack away W's room to prepare for more construction
2. Grocery shopping
3. Buy supplies for my art project for the baby's room
4. Celebrate our anniversary!
5. Send off ebay sales
6. Get vision/outline for baby books
7. Pack for Branson


What I Bought In Chicago

1. Willie Nelson onesie for the kids (Psycho Baby)
2. Aden + Anais swaddling blanket for the new baby (Red Balloon)
3. School bus for Winnie (Land of Nod)
4. Blahblah dog for the new baby (Land of Nod)
5. Sweatshirt and tshirt for me (American Apparel)
6. Sandals for me (City Soles)
7. Dress for me (Bazar)
8. Scarf for me (Free People)
9. Jacket for Andy (American Apparel)
10. Straight Up Crib for new baby (Land of Nod)
11. Charlie Harper memory cards for the nursery (Land of Nod)


All The Food I Ordered In Chicago

1. Fake sloppy joe and vegan mac and cheese, potato wedges, coleslaw (Karyn's Cooked)
2. Greek honey yogurt, homemade granola (Whole Foods)
3. Fruit salad, water (Whole Foods)
4. Breakfast burrito (Handlebar)
5. Shared vegan chili cheese fries, soy strawberry shake (Veggie Bite)
6. Mixed berry pancakes (Pick Me Up Cafe)
7. French toast, seitan patty, fruit, breakfast potatoes (Chicago Diner)
8. Vegan chai milkshake (Chicago Diner)
9. Acai slushie (Karyn's Raw Cafe)


Favorite Sweet Treats

1. Chai milkshakes
2. Ice cream with fresh fruit on it
3. Uncle Eddie's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
4. Brownies, if they are ones I make
5. Red velvet cupcakes from the Cupcakery
6. Hanley Industrial Park Sno-Cones
7. Raspberry concrete from Ted Drewes
8. Stoby's strawberry cake
9. Coconut cream pie Jell-O pudding with graham crackers
10. Strawberries with Tru-Whip (better than Cool Whip) and granola


All The Shows I Watch (I'm Trying to Cut Down...not working)

1. How I Met Your Mother
2. Greek
3. 30 Rock
4. Office
5. CSI
7. Gossip Girl
8. Biggest Loser
9. Fringe
10. Lost
11. Grey's Anatomy
12. Parks and Recreation
13. Saturday Night Live
14. Amazing Race
15. Southland


Why I'm Excited About A Weekend in Chicago

1. It's just with my two sisters--no kids!
2. Vegan and vegetarian dining all weekend long
3. Wicker Park/Bucktown shopping
4. We are staying in a super cool hotel
5. Our hotel is perfectly situated for late night snack runs
6. I love the State St. Anthropologie
7. My sister's and I love buying movies on pay per view
8. Land of Nod shopping for new baby furniture, etc.
9. I get to sleep in past 7:30
10. Greta suggested a fun kids store to check out
11. Again, just with my two sisters!


Places I'm Experiencing Pain

1. This one spot in the middle right of my back
2. My right side right under my rib cage
3. My left calf--charlie horses aplenty
4. My nether-regions, but only at nighttime
5. Between my scapulas
6. The area right above my big pregnant belly and my bra


The Best Homemade Granola Ingredients

1. Old fashioned oats
2. Wheat germ
3. Sunflower seeds
4. Cinnamon
5. Chopped pecans
6. Brown sugar
7. Salt
8. Vegetable oil
9. Honey
10. Water
11. Vanilla
12. Raisins


Whole Foods Grocery List

1. Frozen waffles
2. Applesauce
3. Lip gloss
4. Blueberries
5. Pasta sauce
6. Fruit bars
7. String cheese
8. Cookies
9. Wheat Germ
10. Sesame Sticks
11. Oats


What I'm Loving For Summer











This Week's To Do

1. Clean bathroom
2. Clean floors
3. Return stuff to the mall
4. Go to Cotton Babies and Babies R Us (never did that on Friday)
5. Pack for Chicago
6. Trim bangs
7. Work on my sister-in-law's save the date cards
8. Put up the last of my ebay auctions
9. Schedule cleaning lady
10. Reschedule gymboree classes
11. Make food/lay out clothes for Andy's weekend alone with dog and baby


Fun Stuff To Do At Toad Suck Daze In Conway

1. Watch the Stuck on a Truck competition
2. Catch a mediocre band perform (this year-Jars of Clay)
3. Race a toad
4. Eat some food on a stick--my favorite, Cheesecake on a Stick
5. Get a team together for the Toad Jam 3-on-3
6. Run in the Toad Suck 5K
7. Eat some more food on a stick


What's On The Menu Today For Me

1. Breakfast: Bagel & Cream Cheese, Chocolate Soymilk
2. Lunch:  Guacamole & Lettuce Wrap, Fruit Salad, Water
3. Snack: Cereal, Peach
4. Dinner: Mexican Food and Such at Jill's house
5. Late Night Snack: Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes


Today's To Do

1. Bake some blueberry muffins
2. Bake a couple sweet potatoes
3. Write back our compassion kids
4. Do the floors
5. Watch my Thursday night shows
6. Go to Cotton Babies and Babies R Us
7. Get excited for Jill's party! (even though I can't take place in the margaritas)