Why I'm Reviving This Blog

1. Two of my all-time favorites, Matt and Ginny, showcased me on their podcast.
2. It's been a rough year. I could use something get excited about.
3. I mentally do it anyways, thinking about new list ideas all the time...I might as well just publish them.
4. I would love to casually drop "I have a blog" into conversation. It seems so a few years ago, and I'm usually a bit behind. Or ahead. Mostly behind.
5. My kids are old enough...they might make guest appearances.
6. Are there blog awards? I'd like to win one of those.
7. I'm always looking for a quick task for this window of time to kill while I wait for my coffee to brew, as I'm too lazy and not technologically gifted enough to care about programming the maker to brew 10 minutes earlier each day. (Is a coffee maker considered technology?)
8. I'm always jonesing to go viral.
9. My millions of fans are going to be so thankful.
10. I think I'm a completely different person than I was five years ago. I've learned so much and have changed so much. So obviously a whole bunch of new content and thoughts.
11. Mostly #1.

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