What I Like Doing When I Come Home To Arkansas

1. Eat! (especially Zazas, US Pizza, Stobys, Jason's Deli, Bossanova...)
2. Shop! (downtown Conway, Box Turtle, the beautiful JCrew and Anthropologie in West Little Rock, Wilkinsons, The Kitchen Store) Especially because my parents buy me things.
3. Get treats- Maggie's Cookies for German Chocolate Brownies and carrot cookies and my new favorite Arkansas Pineapple Whip and Stoby's for Strawberry Cake and Tropical Storms and a smoothie at Planet Smoothie
4. Visit the Rivermarket on Saturday mornings for the farmer's market and go play with the kids at the park and splash pad
5. Swimming at Wooly Hollow or the Buffalo River
6. Throwing a themed party for the cousins
7. Watch OnDemand movies at my parent's house. I feel like I'm at a hotel!
8. I do love most just being around my family. Even if we are just sitting around and not doing anything on this list.

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  1. Arkansas is pretty fun & that list would be so much longer if you stopped in Fayetteville:)