Right Now

1. I took a break from dusting to do this list and have a little cherry crisp and chocolate almond milk (late breakfast of sorts)
2. Teddy is here, so the kids are having a wild blast. W is loving bossing them around playing with the boys.
3. The boys are currently running in circles around our island. I think they are on lap 45.
4. I have a pretty ambitious 10 item to-do list sitting next to me that I need to conquer before leaving for Arkansas Wednesday morning.
5. Listening to Gillian Welch on shuffle
6. A little worn out from just power mopping our entire loft
7. Wearing my "This Ain't My First Art Fair" t-shirt and some cut-off sweats with about 20 bobby pins in my hair and my favorite underwear- a pair of hand-me-downs from my little sister, because people do that, right?
8. Now W is putting on her Razorbacks cheerleading uniform and the boys are stuffing two purses full with Hot Wheels
9. Laundry is going, dishwasher is going
10. Trying desperately to think of more stuff to type on this list so that I do
11. Singing along to "Dear Someone"
12. The boys have ushered into their famous "I'm sad, You're mad" argument. It makes no sense.

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