If You Are A Sick Kid At My House

1. You get to eat whatever you want (can, really)- today W has only chosen smoothies and Cinnamon Crunch cereal.
2. You get to watch Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry all morning (my kids love that slapstick humor)
3. I make you a little pallet on the sofa and bring you books.
4. I will play as many games of Go Fish and War that you want.
5. You fall asleep, and I carry you to my bed for a nap.
6. I let you take a bath and fill the water up all the way to your neck and put in a little epsom salt.
7. You get a lot of back scratches and leg rubs and I might pat your back until you fall asleep.
8. Pajamas all day!
9. You can eat your lunch on the sofa under your blanket.
10. You can play on mom's otherwise off-limits phone.

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