Our Teachers' Christmas Gifts

(spread out over 5 days, because of our trip and stomach flu, the kids only had 5 school days in December)
1. A little bag of festive things from the Kitchen Store in Conway- a cute little bird magnet, Caramel Praline Toffee hot chocolate canister, and some strawberry jam.
2. Panera gift card
3. Starbucks gift card with a Christmas clip clipped on and their favorite Starbucks coffee that morning
4. THESE apples and caramel cream cheese toffee dip (I used Heath bars instead of Skor because where in the world can you buy Skor bars). They turned out so cute and delicious!
5. A pair of earrings and a Christmas ornament tied on the gift bag
6. Their head teachers are also children's book collectors, so they each got a book- Mrs. B received Iggy Peck, Architect and Mrs. H received The Birds of Bethlehem.

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