30 Days of Thankfulness For November

1. My husband that loves me and indulges my passions and encourages me to get out and do things
2. My sweet and precious children who love me unconditionally and are always available for a good snuggle or eskimo kiss
3. Jesus and his saving grace and the giver of new mercies every morning
4. My brother is the best brother in the history of brothers. Just perfect. And my sisters are equally wonderful..."I could never love anyone as I love my sisters..."
5. A sweet dog who cuddles with me every night while I watch TV and cries for me when I'm not around
6. A beautiful home that is open and airy and easy to clean and great for parties or kids playing
7. My best friend Missy who teaches me every day what it means to be an amazing friend
8. A love of healthy eating
9. I'm finally getting the hang of my hair and am starting to love it
10. The summer. Just looking forward to it makes the winter at least 2% bearable.
11. Grandparents that are still living
12. My parents who remind me all the time through words and actions how much they love me
13. Psalm 62. It has stayed in my heart for year after year and is my comfort and my peace when I need it.
14. The Arkansas Razorbacks. No matter how often they break my heart, I will forever say "Woo Pig Sooie!"
15. My brother and his family that live less than 4 hours away and whose house is such a second home to my family. I love that they are at least a little bit close geographically.
16. My husband and his job allow me to stay at home with my kids.
17. My in-laws love my kids and are extremely supportive
18. Technology and how it allows me to stay in touch with people and keep my too-big world a little bit smaller
19. The Mooneys are bringing Lena home!
20. I truly have the best neighbors on the planet who are the dearest friends and know that it's okay to poke around my kitchen and swipe our Nutella while we are out of town
21. My cozy bed and Dwell bedding that beckon me a little too often
22. Having two healthy children
23. Rosalita's margaritas and spinach-mushroom quesadillas
24. Television
25. Relatively calm children who can rode trip well, entertain themselves when needed, sleep until 7:30, and appreciate drawing and creating
26. That God spared us from a horrible car accident
27. Living in a town that has an abundance of grocery stores like Scnucks, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes aplenty and being able to buy whatever we need
28. Beautiful art in my home
29. A car to drive and indoor parking
30. W's school- it has been such a blessing this year


  1. Love this list, especially number 7 :). Back at you !!

  2. What's a girl gotta do to get a little appreciation around here?