My Christmas List, First Draft

1. Cropped chinos from Macy's
3. Dress from Anthropologie- it would be perfect with my gold belt and boots
4. A new iPhone case
5. I always want iTunes gift cards
6. New pillow covers for our gray sofa
7. Fossil bracelet. I die.
8. Any of the New York Review children's books
9. Some Louis L'Amour paperbacks
11. This wrap from Anthropologie that's in the sale room
12. A couple plaid button-ups
13. A new pair of slim, straight leg jeans
14. A new cleaning scrubber for vegetables
15. Doughmakers mini pizza pans (This is the brand of all my baking stuff- loaf pans, pizza pans, cookie sheets, etc. They are the best!)
16. A starter from my Aunt Mert's cactus

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