How The Plains Indians Relied On The Entire Buffalo

1. Food
2. Lodging (their teepees made of hides)
3. Fuel-from dried dung
4. Tools (bone implements and water pouches made from the paunch)
5. Tack (bridles, thongs, and saddles made of hide)
6. Ropes- from twisted hair
7. Clothing (buckskins, moccasins, and fur robes)
8. Weapons (bowstrings made from sinews and clubs)
9. I also remember my Aunt Judy saying the kids probably used the eyeballs as marbles while we were visiting the Westward Expansion Museum under the Arch when I was little
10. The book I'm reading also talks about the Indians drinking the stomach contents of killed buffalo- that the curdled milk from a buffalo calf still nursing was an exceptional delicacy.

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