This Weekend

1. The kids are spending the night out so I can go out with friends tonight. I really need a girls night out.
2. I'm going to use my free Friday morning to take a long nap.
3. Andy's work Christmas party. Never much fun, but at least I have a cute dress.
4. I am going to make some delicious buckeyes.
5. I am also going to cook cheesy quinoa patties.
6. Hopefully, we'll get our Christmas trees so that I can finish up my decorating.
7. Crafts at the Greentree Advent Workshop. It is such a fun event!
8. Christmas shopping with Missy
9. I have to get the advent calendar up and full of festive activities
10. I'll watch at least one Christmas movie- Love Actually, maybe?

1 comment:

  1. I bet your dress is super cute!
    Are your buckeyes with peanut butter, powdered sugar and rice crispies? Those are mine and I love them!
    I watched love actually last night!
    Enjoy your girls night out.