Last Night's Supper

1. I was physically and emotionally drained from a long day of decorating, (2.5 hours on trees, 1.5 hours on house, and 2 hours of cleaning up and putting boxes away while also wrangling 2 toddlers) so my husband brought home Penn Station subs for dinner. God bless him.
2. He had the 10" Philly Cheesesteak with just the meat and cheese
3. The kids shared a 6" grilled cheese, and I warmed up tomato sauce for dipping purposes
4. They also had fruit- blackberries and a clementine for R and strawberries for W
5. The kids and Andy had Baked Lays
6. I had my favorite- an 8" Grilled Artichoke with added mushrooms, lettuce, and pickles. Delicious.
7. I also had Terra Chips- sweet potato and beet- which are the ultimate chip for me and ring in at a full serving of vegetables for 15 chips, so you'd better believe I ate 15 chips.
8. The kids drank Bolthouse Farms Green Goddess juice
9. Andy and I had Soarin' Strawberry Lemonade Kool-Aid (don't judge- we are in our 30s, don't let our kids drink it to be ultimate hypocrites- but it's my guilty pleasure in life to partake in the occasional 2 quarts of heavenly drink)

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  1. the artichoke with mushrooms is the only thing i've ever eaten there... so good!