Numbers: Christmas Edition

1. 3- trees in our house, 2 big and 1 small
2. 5- stockings hanging, because we don't leave out our sweet doggie
3. 70- approximate number of Christopher Radko ornaments
4. 20- days until Christmas
5. 11- presents under our trees right now
6. 5- people on my list I still need to shop for
7. 5- giant snowflakes hanging from my ceiling
8. 23- childrens Christmas books we have
9. 11- days until we celebrate Christmas in Arkansas
10. 5- "Chatham Angels" ornaments I have
11. 26- candy canes hanging on the trees
12. 3- gifts I bought for my husband
13. 16- actual Advent calendar things I put in, because I got a five day late start and we will be out of town for four days
14. 9- Christmas parties/events we have on the calendar for December
15. 0- days I would like for it to snow
16. 19- beautiful crocheted ornaments I have from my beloved, sweet great-aunt Mert
17. 53- balls I use decoratively around the house, not counting the ones on the tree
18. 2.5- hours it takes me to decorate the trees
19. 2- angels we have out made from paper plates
20. 4- members of our little snowman family on the bookshelf
21. 4- nativity sets we own
22. 3000- nativity sets a woman in Denton, Texas owns
23. 6- choices of wire ribbon for gift wrapping
24. 5- poinsettia plants I want to get- I miss working at the preschool that sold them as a fundraiser. They were inexpensive and huge.
25. 1- Christmas card we've received so far. Score one for the Swanns and their cute photo card.
26. 4- Christmas crafts I have planned for the kids
27. 3- lit evergreen garland strands I have used
28. 6- times I've limited the kids to pressing the play button in a row of the little dancing snowman/penguins thing from Hallmark that sing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."
29. 27- days until I take down the Christmas trees
30. 3- gifts we buy each of our kids
31. 1- little baby born a long time ago that often gets put in the background of all the craziness

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