Celebrities From St. Louis

1. Tennessee Williams
2. Chuck Berry
3. Buddy Ebsem
4. Mary Engelbriet
5. Jackie Joyner Kersee
6. Sheryl Crow
7. Kimora Lee Simmons
8. Ellie Kemper (Erin from the Office)
9. Phyllis Smith (Phyllis from the Office)
10. Jenna Fischer (Pam from the Office)
11. Josephine Baker
12. Max Factor (the makeup guy)
13. Scott Bakula (the Quantum Leap actor)
14. Akon (the singer. I only know him because of his song with Gwen Stefani that was all the rage while I was on a cruise several years a lot of play time on the lido deck)
15. Ike and Tina Turner
16. Yogi Berra
17. Cedric the Entertainer
18. Jimmy Connors
19. Charles Lindbergh
20. Dredd Scott
21. Maya Angelou
22. Phyllis Diller
23. Daniel Boone
24. Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
25. Joseph Pulitzer (think Pulitzer Prize)
26. Bob Costas
27. Taylor Momsen (Jenny from Gossip Girl)
28. Kate Capshaw
29. T.S. Eliot
30. The Wallace family NASCAR drivers
31. Harry Caray
32. Nelly
33. David Lee (NBA)
34. Mark Twain
35. Andy Cohen
36. Miles Davis

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