Things I Have An Unhealthy Obsession With

1. Gangs and gangsters- don't get me started
2. Christopher Radko ornaments
3. Baldknobbers
4. Garlic salt (you don't carry it in your purse on occasion?)
5. IMDb- when I watch a program or a movie, I want to know who the actors are, what else they've starred in (for my 6 degrees purposes), the trivia from the film, and the goofs in the film (those are my favorites)
6. St. Louis history
7. Little House on the Prairie
8. Prisons (and prison gangs, because they are slightly different than regular gangs)
9. All around criminal activity
10. And, Christmas


  1. Cary...i LOVE prison shows!!! I am so obsessed too!!
    I have the IMDb app on my phone (on the first page) because i check it so much. I hate when I can't figure out what someone has been in!!

    These made me laugh!!

  2. remind me to tell you about a study i did in college for sociology of crime and deviance which involved making a trip to a prison and interviewing an inmate!