Right Now

1. Can't think of a list, so I'm just doing a "Right Now."
2. Listening to "Whiter Shade of Pale" (Procol Harum) and feeling nostalgic
3. R and W are playing like they are taking their babies to a picnic at the park
4. Thawing out my daily brownie
5. Pinto beans cooking in the rice cooker to make some refried beans
6. Puddy is digging at a ball wedged under the sofa
7. Now I'm listening to Oasis' "Champagne Supernova"
8. Staring at the to-do list for R's birthday party
9. Still wearing just a robe and have bed head- it's 10:00 in the morning
10. Just broke up a toddler fight and gave some toddler bathroom assistance
11. Now I'm listening to Jon Hardy & The Public's "Love Gone Wrong"
12. There is a parade of sirens outside
13. Trying to clean off our shift key because it looks like a coal miner's been at our computer
14. I think we'll have a legitimate picnic at the park today
15. Now listening to Local Natives' "Who Knows Who Cares"
16. W is requesting "Travelin' Soldier" so that's up next
17. W is wearing 12-18 month old pants, so they are like bermuda shorts on her
18. W is requesting Disney Princess music, so I put on the Cranberries and told her it was Princess Jasmine. #momneedsthisliesometimes
19. I'm drinking strawberry-infused water (sliced strawberries in water)
20. The kids are trying to ride our 20 pound dog
21. Just announced we are going to the library and have lunch at Sweet Art when I get dressed.

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