The Cute Sayings On My Whole Foods Reusable Bag

1. Just beet it
2. Recyclers Rock My World
3. What a Friend We Have in Cheeses
4. I'd Rather be Cleansing
5. Whole paycheck...for local farmers.
6. Tree Hugger
7. Soy to the World
8. I heart sustainable fisheries
9. Ask me about my quinoa
10. Make lunch, not War
11. Bring your own bag
12. Dream in Green
13. I Swim With Dolphins
14. My Compost Brings All the Flowers To the Yard
15. Assume the (yoga) position
16. Braised and infused
17. Some Like it Raw
18. Grow a Pear and Support Local Farming
19. Well behaved grocers rarely make history

1 comment:

  1. This bag was banned for offending too many people.