Shopping Notes

1. I like to shop alone best, but when my husband or someone else is with me, I tend to be more responsible and practical. That doesn't always make for a fun experience, though.
2. I usually always wear a tank top while shopping in case I need to try on something in the middle of the store or I need a layer in the dressing room.
3. I use the sales ladies in the dressing rooms and other people trying on for ideas, opinions, etc. I'm not afraid to have a worker get something for me, help me zip up, or help me take something off. Sales ladies earn their money when I'm at the store.
4. I also try to wear non-ugly bras granny panties since the sales people will more than likely see them.
5. The girls at Anthropologie are my favorites. They are not afraid to be honest. There is an older woman who works there that I love and only make big purchases when she's working.
6. It's nearly impossible to find my embarrassingly true bra size, 30A. Bras never fit this protruding-rib-cage-long-torso-skinny-flat-chested gal.
7. I never stay in the tiny fitting room when trying on. I always go out to the big 3-way mirrors.
8. Shopping, even just browsing and looking around, is very therapeutic for me and is how I usually choose to spend my free time.
9. I jokingly say that I don't like to shop in the sales section because I don't want to dress like a poor person. That's only 15% true.
10. I wear a small and my shoe size is 8. My stuff never makes it long enough to be on sale.
11. My favorite stores are JCrew, Nordstrom, Anthropologie.
12. My favorite place to shop is Wicker Park in Chicago.
13. I get too stressed out trying to shop in those big stores like Macys, Kohls, and TJ Maxx. So clearly, I'm not a Maxxinista.
14. I can take my kids shopping if we have the double stroller and if I make a mid-trip stop at Mrs. Fields.
15. My biggest shopping pet peeve is how tiny the Galleria Baby Gap is. Impossible to take a double stroller into, so I have to go alone. Which is annoying and causes me to do a lot of exchanges there.
16. I love shopping with my little sister. She has good taste and challenges me.

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  1. Shopping is so therapeutic for me too!!! When I have time away from kids, I almost always go shopping :).