What Goes Into My NCAA Bracket Challenge Choosing

1. I can't just take Duke all the way, even though I'm often tempted to, because I have to differentiate myself from the rest of my husband's family pool...they all went to Duke and are huge fans and usually all have them winning.
2. Therefore, I usually take Duke pretty far, but then have them losing in the Sweet Sixteen or Elite Eight.
3. I am apt to pull for teams with past celebrated tournament success, like Marquette or Gonzaga.
4. I am usually supportive of SEC and ACC teams, because we all know they are used to playing the best.
5. If Arkansas finds its way back to The Dance, I would definitely have them winning it all. I'm loyal to those Hogs.
6. Sometimes I get a little Amy Poehler if I'm stuck on a particular match-up..."But then I learned that Butler was the Bulldogs! How cute is that?!" I could only find the transcript here.
7. If I have some connection to a lesser team, I always have them, I have a friend who went to Davidson, so I had them beating higher-ranked Louisville. Last year, I knew a kid who played for Northern Colorado, so I took them all the way to the Elite Eight. (Both of those choices ended up being bad, FYI.)
8. Typically, I just go with my gut, as I always did at Oaklawn (horse races). I did really well for myself at Oaklawn.
9. I never give an advancement to a team I've never heard of, like this year's SDSU, Norfolk St, Detroit, or L Beach St.  Given this, you might be surprised I have VCU winning, but every Duke fan has heard of VCU.
10. I don't "like" Kansas, but my friend Mark does, so I always have them going far so that I can cheer with/for Mark.
11. If I have filled out my first round choices and at least half of them aren't upsets, I'll adjust accordingly. It's no fun winning if you are winning because you only picked higher seeds.

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