What I Need For A Good Road Trip

1. DVD player for the kids
2. Travel-perfect snacks (nuts, squeezies, cheese sticks, cereal bars, fruit, carrot sticks)
3. A clean and organized car
4. Fun bags for the kids (coloring books, tablets, stickers, markers, LeapFrogs, Hot Wheels, books, flash cards, etc)
5. Good music, podcasts, sermons, and earbuds for me
6. Spaced-out pit stops
7. Sunglasses
8. Pack of wipes and tissues
9. Sonic cherry-vanilla-Dr. Pepper
10. Cozy clothes
11. A loose schedule (i.e.- naps, movie, snacks, fun bags, movie, lunch) If you don't have one, you cram everything at the beginning and have a long time of nothing to look forward to

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