What I Discovered Googling Myself

1. I was a bridesmaid in this beautiful Conway wedding. It really was lovely.
2. Here is my engagement announcement from our paper.
3. I made the honor roll a lot in high school. And they published it every time, which is so funny to me. Here is my recognition for graduating with honor.
4. I was in this other beautiful wedding. Those weddings were my two best girlfriends in college.
5. Randomly, a few pinterest links pop up saying who follows me on their website.
6. You can find out that I am a fan of Sweet M's Cookies, which I am proud to say is true.
7. I am listed in the program for the St. Louis Art Fair.
8. Our daughter's birth announcement in my husband's high school alumni paper.
9. That I attended a seminar taught by my pastor friend Scott
10. We supported Annie's Hope
11. You can find my old blog that I wrote on when I had lots more time on my hands
12. A shout-out we received on our friend Patrick's old blog. That photo of his kitchen is hilarious if you've ever seen the glory of their new beautiful, huge house.
13. A bevy of reunion, classmates, mylife, etc. websites that I've never signed up for, but claim to have information on me.
14. I'm surprised my collegiate-level intramural badminton championship isn't preserved on the internet. Come on UCA, you really dropped the shuttlecock on that one.
15. A man with my same name but nicknamed "Handsome" seems to be a bit more popular than me.

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