Things I Am Loving...

1. Necklaces like this and this.
2. White potatoes. I've just been craving them like mad lately. I guess it could be worse.
3. Christmas shopping!
4. Speaking of, this article. I cannot quit laughing. Forgive the profanities. They do make it funnier.
5. The jewelry at Geranium in St. Louis
6. Dry Lavender Soda 
7. Quilt patterns. I'm going to have one made soon, and can't stop looking for beautiful patterns.
8. These boots
9. I stumbled upon W just singing this song so sweetly a couple days ago. Who can blame her? It's beautiful, Annie Lennox is intoxicating, and she was named after David Gray, for goodness sakes.
10. Reading to my children chapter books that I treasured as a child...The Boxcar Children, Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web...
11. Nashville on ABC Wednesday nights
12. Chai tea soy lattes from Kaldi's Coffee or more conveniently drive-thru-able, Starbucks
13. Kale
14. The latest Avett Brothers album

1 comment:

  1. Love it when you post style items on your lists because I've always loved your style. And we are loving the Avett Brothers too. And I really wish local coffee shops had drive thrus. The drive thru wins at this stage of life.