What I Just Picked Up At Target And Trader Joe's

1. Kodiak Cake waffle and pancake mix (2 boxes)
2. Toothbrushes for the children- a Batman and a Hello Kitty
3. Oregon Chai tea concentrate
4. 3M picture hanging tabs for my long mirror on the bathroom door
5. Trader Joe's Cats Cookies
6. 2 pizza dough balls
7. Jar of pizza sauce
8. 2 bags of shredded cheese mix
9. 2 dark chocolate bars- one coconut caramel and one caramel black sea salt
10. Bag of prewashed, precut kale

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  1. I JUST discovered that you'd started posting again. It was like finding a (insert trashy reality show name) marathon on a rainy day alone. Not that your blog is like a trashy reality show. I was just really excited.