Things I Don't Like About Christmas

1. Inflatable yard decorations
2. When we lose the spirit of Christmas. Even if you don't believe the whole baby Jesus thing like I do...there has to be more than fighting over toys at the mall.
3. Christmas ham
4. When girls wear Santa hats
5. Similarly, when girls dress like a Slutty Santa. So wrong and awkward and it doesn't even make sense.
6. Christmas cards that when you open them, it's like a glitter factory exploded inside
7. Yule log. I don't know what it is, but the words just freak me out a little bit.
8. I hate candles. I feel like candles are the go-to gift for a girl you don't know what to give. I feel like I've gotten a lot of candles over the years.
9. When people do a poor job with Christmas lights on the exterior of their homes. No "A's" for effort here.
10. Egg nog

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