31 Reasons I Love My Husband On HIs 31st Birthday

1. He is disciplined.
2. He stands up for what he believes in. (sometimes this drives me crazy, but for this list, it's a good thing)
3. He takes care of all the things that I hate, like checking accounts and insurance and payments and secret numbers (pin numbers) and budgets.
4. He is handsome.
5. He challenges me.
6. He likes to have a good time with our kids.
7. He is funny.
8. He always tells me that I'm pretty and that he loves me.
9. He cleaned up the doggy diarrhea this morning.
10. He indulges my passions like going to every possible David Gray concert and visiting each city's Anthropologie and art museum.
11. We always have fun on trips.
12. He always wants the kids and I to be safe.
13. He prays with the kids every night.
14. He works hard to to pursue what he loves, like his cycling.
15. He is always trying to grow and be a better man. He's a lot different than when we were married 6 years ago.
16. He always encourages me to get out and do things and visit my family and have time to myself.
17. He loves my family and genuinely likes being around them.
18. He is sacrificing his schedule to cart me around lately because of my aversion to driving.
19. He takes out the trash, makes the bed, takes Puddy out in the early morning and the late night, and cleans the shower.
20. He gave me the most beautiful engagement ring when he proposed.
21. He is super smart.
22. He can figure out almost anything.
23. He is a good singer and is musical and can talk about things like time signatures in songs.
24. He is informed about what is going on in our world and really cares about it.
25. He loves his friends and would do anything for them.
26. He's not afraid to try new things...deer hunting, pasta, strawberries.
27. He is strong in his convictions.
28. He is generous with charities and good causes.
29. He works very very hard to provide for his family.
30. He is honest.
31. He scratches my back.

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