1. I care a lot about what people think of me.
2. I don't like being in photos.
3. I think that a house will solve all my problems and that's why God won't let me have one.
4. I don't think I'm pretty and I wish I were.
5. If I could have one talent it would be to sing really well and raspy.
6. I'm materialistic.
7. Being told you are too skinny is just as painful as being told you're too fat. So I might start returning the favor.
8. My number one pet peeve is mothers complaining about being mothers.
9. I don't feel like I fit anywhere most of the time.
10. I make the best brownies.
11. My dream life would be living in the country and owning a farm animal rescue.
12. I currently have the complexion of a pubescent teenage boy and am surviving on ProActiv and Bare Escentuals.
13. I've been working on my top ten favorite songs of all time list for weeks. It feels like the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, which says a lot about my life.
14. I also make the best cookies.

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  1. So, Me too for #1 and #2. 4 is absurd, you are one of the prettiest people I know. #5 for me as well, actually to be able to sing AT ALL would be nice. Me too for #6. I don't think you are too skinny. Too skinny is all about the face I think, like when you look like a lolly pop with a big head and bony body. You don't look like that at all. You are long and lean and completely proportional and also that is the body I will have in heaven I think. Is number 8 why you never want to hang out with me? I think I may be guilty of that but sometimes it's complain to grownups or take it out on the children. #9 is Satan. Whenever I see you I feel happy. You fit in wherever you are. I'm a little sad that your dream life is away from where you are right now. That could just be me being selfish because I'm not sure I could hack it on a farm and STL is a better place with you in it. True about the cookies. If you bring me some brownies I will review those as well.

  2. Please note that these are not things I am consumed with or even think about all the time...just like "darkest moment" kind of thoughts. Everyone has fears and insecurities and things they aren't proud of. Things about ourselves that are valid only because we think them, not of the truth they carry. That is what's going on here. I am, for the most part, a confident and joyful person!

  3. You are a very real person and this is a real post. I hope you had a blast in kc seeing David gray for the umteenth time! You are beautiful and I can relate to many of these Cary. You should find a house in Clayton and we will be neighbors. We are in Richmond heights. I need a good recipe for blonde brownies if you have one!

  4. I wish my sisters and I could have a farm animal rescue together. Maybe one day! I can't wait to hear how #7 part 2 goes! #3 very insightful. I love you. You're pretty.