What I'm Loving Lately

1. Big fireworks shows
2. My rose scented Dr. Bronner's soap
3. All Over But The Shoutin', by Rick Bragg
4. Marinated garbanzos
5. Joe Pug
6. My kids in new pajamas
7. Orange spritzers
8. The Civil Wars
9. R is really starting to talk, even if it's only who understands
10. When I hold him, he uses my shoulder blade as a little handle
11. Red grapes- we can't get enough if them at our house
12. Fresh squeezed lime juice- I've been squeezing it all over the place. It reminds me of my friend Scott Cable who used to squeeze lemons on EVERYTHING.
13. My new bras from Nordstrom. I loved it so much I bought 4 colors.
14. Our little downtown library
15. Hot weather

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