My Kids Road Trip Bag

1. An endless supply of stickers
2. Notepad for each for said stickers and sketching
3. Pencil bag for each with markers and crayons
4. Color Wonder color books with the required markers
5. 8 sets of flash cards, now on rings
6. Thin, cheap paperback books
7. Highlight's High Five magazines
8. A bag of stamps and stamp ink pads
9. Binoculars
10. Sunglasses
11. An Etch-A-Sketch
12. Two Leap Frog laptops
13. Several small $2 character activity/sticker/coloring books from Hobby Lobby

1 comment:

  1. That sounds like my kids road trip bag, but theirs include some toys as well. I also bring my iPad with me on road trips too. They can watch TV, movies, and play games on it. The kids love it. Their favorite app on the iPad is the Dish Remote Access app through my provider/employer DISH Network. The kids can watch live TV from anywhere we are at. They love they have access to all their favorite channels right from the iPad. All I had to do was purchase the Sling Adapter from DISH and hook it up to my receiver. I now have access to all my DVR recordings and my subscription channels from anywhere I am at. What is really cool is that DISH is having a promotion on the Sling Adapter. Check it out on this link