Household Chores My 3 Year Old Helps Out With

1. W can set the table
2. She can put away the laundry. I just taught her where everything goes and am okay with it being a slower and messier process that me doing it myself.
3. She is responsible for keeping her shoes and her brothers shoes in the shoe drawer.
4. She puts on her own shoes and helps her brother put on his shoes.
5. W can easily clean up all the toys in the house- I give her little jobs at a time so that it's less overwhelming- the cars, the puzzles, the babies, etc.
6. She gets (most) items off of the shelf at the grocer and puts them in the buggy for me.
7. She brushes her teeth.
8. Her favorite jobs are helping me put on a clean tablecloth and helping me make my bed.
9. She does love little jobs such as, "Would you put this bag in the laundry room?" or "Could you turn the TV off?" I think it makes her feel like my partner, which is her ultimate dream.

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  1. are such a southern gal! I love this one. Winnie is a smart little one and this will teach her very good habits and she will be tidy, also she is setting a good example for her brother. good job mama!