I Don't Like

1. Cantaloupe
2. Tight spaces
3. Those stick-figure families on the backs of minivans
4. The neon clothing trend
5. Cilantro
6. Water in the morning
7. Stepping on Brio track
8. Dr. Seuss books
9. Hot pie
10. Muscle cars
11. Driving
12. Salad bars
13. Water bottles
14. Dirty car interiors
15. Cold weather
16. Wearing socks
17. Feeling phony or insincere
18. Goat cheese
19. Taking hot showers
20. When people leave their windshield wipers on too long after it's clearly stopped raining


  1. Cary, I totally agree with #20!!!!!!! That is one of my top 5 pet peeves. No one ever understands why it bugs me, but it totally does. I also don't like when they're moving super fast in light rain.

  2. #20!!! Apparently Sarah W & I are kindred spirits!