More Things To Love About Arkansas

1. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
2. People from there love it. Like crazy love it.
3. Arkansas by Damien Jurado
4. Fayetteville. What a great town! My friend Ginny posted some of her favorites here.
5. So many outdoor activities. My cousin who is very sportsy outdoorsy and has some strange college degree that is related lived in Colorado for a while and couldn't wait to move to Arkansas because of all the scenery and activities. He's not even from Arkansas.
6. The Buffalo River
7. The Clinton Library. So maybe it does look like a fancy double-wide, but I think that works! It means a lot to the city of Little Rock and is beautifully located on and over the Arkansas River.
8. The entire town of Eureka Springs. One of my favorite places.
9. I digress, but I love this.


  1. Yep. I'm totally Arkansas crazy. So crazy that people ask me all the time why I do not live there. I'm just not sure there is another state that has so much state pride.

  2. oh my goodness, you linked me. i feel like i have really arrived because i love this blog so much! thank you for my moment of stardom.
    ps we really should all catch up soon...missing the murphys!