Things I'm Loving

1. Rose water
2. Succulents
3. Full skirts. I tried this one on today and went back and forth. Sans bow it was perfect.
4. Grandma-chic
5. These boots. I wonder how I could convince Andy a $350 boot is a need and not a want? Andy, I wear a size 8, in case you agree.
6. Rimi Yang art. Breathtaking!
7. Club soda and juice spritzers
8. Words painted on walls. I have all these little things I want on our walls but will wait until we move next year. I hope I don't overdo it.
10. We can't keep up with R's puzzle doing talents. It's remarkable.
11. The Head and The Heart. Buy their album. So good.
12. Pillows. I troll the web for them constantly. Yet I never buy any. I'm just a sucker for a decorative pillow.
13. The soft-baked chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods
14. Football season's almost here!

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