Some Cool Things At The St. Louis Art Fair This Year

1. Fireworks Saturday night at 10:00
2. Walk on Art- a chalk art area with chalk artists from around the country, including a 3-D chalk artist. Also, a chalk art competition for groups from local high schools. Their submission drawings are amazing- I can't wait to see the finished chalk products.
3. Paint the Earth, Jeremiah Johnson, and Dr. Zhivegas are all performing
4. Over 15 areas in the Creative Castle for young children to participate in art- making recycled paper, recycled bottle art, creating journals, magnets, and suncatchers are some of the activities
5. Different art demonstrations during the weekend
6. I think this is one of the strongest years in terms of quality artists
7. T-shirts that feature the lovable Fobots will be for sale and they are so cute
8. The St. Louis Flamenco Society's performing Saturday afternoon. W would love that.
9. The restaurant list is already making my mouth water.


  1. definitely taking Sonya this year!!

  2. I can't wait to go! This list made me even more excited.