Little Goals

1. I'm going to get back on track with my weekly and monthly cleaning schedules
2. Start going to some movies by myself. I think I would like that.
3. Get a purse. And use it. I always just have a hand full of stuff.
4. Bring my purse in each night instead of leaving it in the car, because then the car gets raised on the lift, parked under, and if I need it, it's impossible to get to.
5. Need to reorganize our food cabinets and maybe buy some solutions at The Container Store. I don't have enough room in my kitchen.
6. I'm growing my hair out for just a bit. I know that I have told some of you to advise me against this because I always do it and always hate it. However, W has been requesting I have curly hair like hers and it just doesn't work with it this short.
7. Eat more fruit.
8. Figure out some fun things for R and I to do while W is at school 3 days a week.
9. Because of our car accident, we easily met our insanely high medical insurance deductible (because of the wreck, I also learned what a deductible was) so this year, I'm going to have everything checked out on my body and every sort of appointment I can think of.
10. Somehow get W to stop interrupting while people are talking. Or else, a new goal will be saving up for boarding school.

1 comment:

  1. I got a Google account JUST so that I could reply on your blog.

    1. I'm impressed. I have no schedule, other then I have to clean it before my mom gets here.
    2. I go every couple of weeks by myself to the movies. Love it.
    3. I have too much stuff in my purse... so do not go too big.
    4. a lift? This sounds super fancy.
    5. I am totally obsessed with these clear food organization containers I found there. They perfectly fit the squeezable applesauce. I bought some for the fridge and some for the cabinet. I LOVE them for all snack foods.
    9. Go to the dermatologist. That's always a good one once you meet your deductible.