1. 63- contacts in my iPhone
2. 4- brick pavers we have bought and personalized in Forest Park
3. 31- days since our car accident
4. 12- students in W's preschool class
5. 30- part of my bra size
6. 5- meetings for the art fair between now and Sept. 9
7. 2- new pairs of sunglasses I grabbed up at Anthropologie this week
8. 90- million dollars the Colts recently gave 35 year old Peyton Manning for his new 5-year contract
9. 3- big projects I want to tackle today
10. 15- train cars on R's Brio track right now
11. 6- pairs of pants we bought on W's back to school shopping trip
12. 14- the ranking gave to the Arkansas Razorbacks football team on this year's preseason coaches' poll
13. 20- the age that W said means your a big person. I will keep reminding her of this as she ages
14. 15- how old she thought her Aunt Tracy was
15. 6- years old, the age of our dog Puddy
16. 8- books I read this summer
17. 32- how old I am
18. 60- piece puzzle that my 2 year old can complete unassisted
19. 460- mg of potassium in my Larabar
20. 17- percent increase in average lifespan of Tour de France cyclists compared with the general population
21. 470- calories in an Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel, which I have to remind myself of in order to walk by without getting one
22. 100- dollars per year we give to the St. Louis Art Museum for our membership
23. 934- posts I've made on this blog
24. 83- minutes long The Little Mermaid is, but we've watched it a lot of times
25. 16- boxes of raisins we have
26. 15- Mason jars in my cabinets/refrigerator for food storage
27. 5- framed photos in our living room
28. 150- miles A's going to ride in a couple of weeks for the MS 150 cycling event
29. 8- days I wait until I water my jade plant
30. 2- times today W has cried because I told her Jasmine is my favorite Disney Princess and not Belle, who she wants me to say is my favorite
31. 9- types of veggies in my burrito
32. 5- loads of laundry I folded last night while watching TV

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