Bad Things About My Parent's House

1. My parents seem to love buying flat, wimpy pillows and too-firm mattresses
2. My mom has a lot of stuff, so I can't find anything. Like, where are her cookie sheets? In a lower cabinet in the laundry room, of course.
3. Not used to living with someone who says "warsh"
4. The toilet paper here is too luxurious and thick. It's awkward. I miss my Seventh Generation.
5. Our TiVo is superior to all other forms of DVR. Theirs is confusing.
6. I also will never learn the brilliant dance that is operating their tv and the myriad of remotes.
7. Ceramic tile (kitchen and bathrooms) is too cold in the winter.
8. Every time I let my dog out, he runs off into the wild in 9 inches of snow

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