1. My house is going to start waking up at 7:00. No more sleeping in.
2. I am going to take a shower every morning before A leaves for work.
3. Both of my kids WILL take a nap at 1:00 every day.
4. I will no longer use the computer while my children are awake/around/etc.
5. I am going to get back to my daily and weekly cleaning schedules.
6. I will be in my bed, phone off, lights off by 10:30 every night.
7. I will make something new and fun to eat at least once a week.
8. I am going to start wearing (again) my beautiful and expensive clothing.
9. I am going to always have a book that I am reading.

1 comment:

  1. Cary-These are some big changes.....showering everyday is totally over rated( and bad for your hair)
    Good luck with all of these!