Most Influential Toys From The 1980s

(according to this article from Time Magazine)
1. Cabbage Patch Kids- had two...blonde girl named Samantha (something) and a bald baby boy named Giles Kenney
2. Polly Pocket
3. Slap Bracelets (had lots of these)
4. Masters of the Universe Action Figure (um, no...maybe my brother had these. He WAS very serious about his G.I. Joes)
5. Glo Worms (I didn't have one, but desperately wanted one for a while)
6. Care Bear (Didn't have one of these, but I did have a Popple, though, which I consider superior)
7. Transformers
8. Teddy Ruxpin (creeped me out)
9. Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine (one of my best friends had this. so cute)
10. Pound Puppy (had a few, my favorite was a super-hairy tan one I named Harold after one of my dad's friends)
11. Koosh ball (I had one that was mixed colors- blue, green, and purple)
12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
13. Skip-It
14. Glow Sticks
15. Wrestling Buddy (doesn't seem like me at all)

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