1. Daddy brought donuts for breakfast
2. Ran to Culinaria to pick up some groceries
3. City Museum with the kids, Albert, Hope, and both of A & H's grandmas
4. At the City Museum, I was forced to enter a ball pit (I hate those) and climb into the ceiling tunnel tubes to rescue Al
5. Home for grilled cheese sandwiches and roasted red pepper/tomato soup
6. The kids took 2.5 hour nap
7. I spent nap time watching tv and making granola bars
8. Let the kids watch 2 episodes of Clifford the Big Red Dog while I took a bath
9. Quesadillas for dinner
10. Gave the kids baths, read books, brushed teeth and sent babies to bed
11. I ate leftovers for dinner at 8:30
12. Watched Greys, The Office, Parks & Recreation, and 30 Rock in my bed with the lights off
13. Was sound asleep by 10:00

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