Chicago Plans For Next Weekend

1. Leave for Chicago on Sunday morning
2. Check in at the Hotel Monaco
3. Stop in and view the Vivian Mayer exhibit at The Chicago Cultural Center
4. Visit Chagall's "American Windows" at the Art Institute that have been kept from me for too long (they were removed for several years for repairs and study)
5. Dinner at Rosebud on Rush, one of our favorite places to eat in the city
6. David Gray show at the historic Chicago Theater--can't wait! This Lost+Found tour is supposed to be quiet and intimate...I'm dreaming of a VH1 Storytellers vibe.
7. Sleep in at the hotel on Monday morning
8. Fabulous brunch somewhere?
9. Come home and pick up the babies

1 comment:

  1. I can't keep Matt away from the Chicago Cultural Center!