My Favorite Artists At This Year's St. Louis Art Fair

1. Chris Dahlquist, my favorite photographer of the show. I'm not usually drawn to photography, but this gal. Come on...she had me at her artist statement.
2. I had lunch with Todd Alexander on Saturday and found him fascinating. His art, is so beautifully disturbing and evocative. I am saving up for one of his pieces.
3. I think that Steven Graber is one of my new favorite artists. Everything he does is lovely and soulful.
4. Rebecca Hungerford, who works with pewter to create lovely pieces. I have a few of these hooks that I love.
5. Jonathan Rutledge, a very popular jewelry designer people come to shop for. His work is breathtaking.
6. Stephen Bach, who does these oil landscapes that are just so serene and make me long to live in them
7. Paveen "Beer" Chunhaswasdikul, who was as profilic an entertainer as an artist. He had coffee mugs that whistled and really unique, not-your-grandma's teapots.
8. I've never been so captivated by felt. Amy Gillespie always had a packed booth. No internet image could do her justice.
9. This woman, Flora Zarate, is so unbelievably talented. THIS is not a painting, but a hand-sewn textile. I literally went and visited her "arpilleras" all weekend long and was sad to not have purchased one.
10. I like Michael Bauermeister because he is an amazing artist, but also because he is a really cool guy.
11. We have a piece from Aaron Hequembourg, and I can't get enough of him. He is great to visit with- lots of stories.
12. I kept coming back to this booth...Bruce Peeso captures something so comforting and American.

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  1. Psst - "Come on...she had me at her artist statement." Thanks for the shout out! Hope to meet you next year. Chris

    (The really cute guy you must have talked to or seen in my booth is my husband. I must have been taking a break)