The Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Kids Area At The St. Louis Art Fair This Weekend

1. Bubble splatter painting with Chesterfield Arts
2. Making musical instruments with the Contemporary Art Museum
3. Creating treasure pouches with Crossroads College Preparatory Academy
4. Discovering Seville custom with the Flamenco Society
5. Write skits and watch them be performed with Integrity Productions
6. Making sun catchers and optical illusions with Leftovers, Etc.
7. A Chinese calligraphy lesson with Missouri Falun Dafa Association
8. Creating mystical magical masks with Rohan Woods School
9. Paper bag hat construction with Cultural Festivals
10. Making paint swatch bookmarks with St. Louis County Library
11. Animal Marionettes with Volunteen Nation
12. "Foiling Around" with The Magic House
13. Art Portfolio assembly with ArtMart
14. Creating rain sticks with University of Phoenix

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