My Latest Wish List Of Things

1. These shoes
2. This t-shirt because I love Parks & Rec and Andy is my favorite.
3. This new dress I'm obsessed with
4. The new Avett Brothers CD
5. New bathroom rugs and towels
6. A cute iPhone 5 case (I'm getting one!)
7. Tunic (they call it a dress, but with a mile-long torso, it's a tunic on me)
8. This and this and this. I'm obsessed with her jewelry right now.
9. I desperately want a Rimi Yang. I love her work.
10. The top, the pants, the clutch!
11. A fun tablecloth. I'm on the hunt.
12. This headpiece. Love.

1 comment:

  1. I like everything, especially the new dress and the iphone case.