What's Rollin' Around In My Head

1. I'm working really hard to get good ideas for an art project I'm heading up at my kids school. Lotta pressure.
2. I'm still mourning my Grandpa (seen here smoking while being presented a key to the city- love him). Feeling like a little of me died, too.
3. I've been in a food rut with the kids lately and am trying to get them to stretch their pallets a bit. I love packing school lunches and am always looking for new ideas.
4. Am starting to read Cleopatra: A Life to join in with the St. Louis Art Museum members book club. I'm nervously reading it and hoping something magical comes out of my mouth if I have to talk. Usually not the case.
5. I've been having pretty intense migraines lately (our car accident, the gift that keeps on giving) that are impervious to modern medicine.
6. One of my most favorite people in the world is suffering and hurting right now, and I feel a million miles away and can't stop thinking of her and wishing it were better.
7. Trying to prayerfully think about what kind of mother I want to be and what kind of mother I actually am and how I can bridge that difference.

1 comment:

  1. #4 makes me feel like I'm breaking out into cold sweats. But when all else fails...Beep!

    I'm sorry you've been having migraines. You should get a massage occasionally and let them focus on your head. It will help.

    #7 is really great. Everyone should do the same.