This Summer

1. We were at the pool almost every single day. It was wonderful and relaxing, and I got a killer tan.
2. Because of that, not much of our "summer to-do list" got done. And I'm perfectly okay with that. It's going to be now a "summer/fall/winter/spring/maybe even next summer to-do list."
3. I watched Laguna Beach, The Hills (productive, I know), Saved by the Bell, Dawson's Creek, The Wonder Years, and Weeds in their entirety on Netflix.
4. I started a new way of dealing with my hair--no more straightening, no more product. I'm trying to be long and natural, but sometimes fuzzy and wild. I'm okay with that.
5. R started to become a big boy. I really want to freeze time with him. He's at that super cute stage where I just want to hug and kiss him all the time.
6. We didn't go on a summer vacation, but I spent plenty of time in Arkansas and southwest Missouri.
7. I mysteriously lost a chunk of weight that I didn't need to lose, but I managed to get it back with nightly milkshakes for a couple weeks and a week of eating out when my parents were in town.
8. R turned 3, and we had a pool party at my in-laws house. It was very laid-back, just a pool, lots of kids and friends, some yard games, a train cake from Whole Foods, and about 12 cans of silly string.
9. We read through Because of Winn Dixie, The Jesus Storybook Bible, a beautiful book of classic fairy tales, and Charlotte's Web.
10. The burn ban and droughts prohibited us from celebrating the 4th of July in our wonderful traditional way, so we went swimming and ordered pizza with friends.
11. I took the summer off from running.
12. I became addicted to sweet tea. I ate an egg sandwich and a drank a glass of sweet tea for breakfast one morning and thought, "Dear Lord, when did I become my mother?"

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  1. #12 - probably 4-5 years ago? That would be my guess.

    Good summer! Glad you're back!