1. I woke up at 6:00 (which is super early for me) to get prepared for the day and take a shower
2. School photos day, so extra care was taken with getting the kids dressed and groomed
3. We stopped at Bread Co. to pick up bread-sliced blueberry bagels to bring in for W's class snack
4. PIE meeting (not a meeting concerning pie, although that would be amazing. It's our school's version of PTA) after drop-off
5. I spent the morning in W's JK Class because it was her "All About Me" day
6. Her "All About Me" box contained her little baby doll, a baby photo of herself, a map of Arkansas with her favorite spots marked, Charlotte's Web, and a Max Beckmann-inspired drawing she did a few months ago.
7. Drove the kids home and ate guacamole and broccoli and carrots and three Nutter Butters and watched two episodes of Weeds
8. Organized and checked-off a bunch of permission forms for a fundraiser I'm helping out with
9. Folded laundry, picked up the house, and washed my face
10. Watched an episode of Super Why! with the kids
11. Art Fair meeting in Clayton...last minute details to go over
12. The kids dominated their school fundraiser walking around our building...I guess people downtown not used to seeing kids are more than willing to drop $80 for chocolate.
13. My parents are here! They are here to watch the kids during Art Fair weekend.

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