Branson Highlights

1. When we were pulling into my brother's driveway, W exclaimed, "My happy mouth (smile) is so big to see Uncle Matt that my face is going to explode!"
2. Especially, W attacking Owen with hugs and kisses whenever he is around
3. Staying up until 2:30 am! with my sister-in-law and brother, just chatting because I love visiting with my family
4. Going to Silver Dollar City and having a nice time
5. Cinnamon glazed almonds at SDC--I'm going to be testing recipes on those this next week
6. Jumping on the trampoline with the kids- R loved getting bounced
7. Seeing W & R have the best time with their cousins
8. My sister-in-law's (I wish their were a better name for SIL's--I don't like writing that out) fruit pizza. Heaven!
9. Seeing W and R LOVE on my Grandpa and Grandma. I think it made their year! (hugs, kisses, tickling, sharing strawberries...)
10. Using pure wits to recover from getting lost in rural SW Missouri without a car compass or phone reception

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  1. Did you guys talk about me? Just be honest.