Random Favorites

1. Nicholas Cage Movie- Peggy Sue Got Married
2. Meal of the Day- Lunch
3. Lady Antebellum Song- American Honey
4. Purchase from yesterday - this
5. Bravolebrity- Jeff Lewis
6. Dessert- peach cobbler
7. TV character- Jack Donaghy
8. Today Show host- Natalie Morales
9. Pie attempt of 2011- key lime
10. Font- Archer Hairline
11. Childhood activity- catching lightning bugs
12. Aerosmith song- What It Takes
13. Golfer- Phil Mickelson
14. Thing to order at California Pizza Kitchen- the pear and gorgonzola pizza
15. Real housewife- Kyle Richards
16. Outdoor activity- canoeing
17. Elementary School Teacher- Ms.Ellis, 6th grade
18. Pizza topping- pineapple
19. Farm animal- Calves
20. U.S. city- Asheville, North Carolina
21. College course- Kid Lit (Children's Literature)
22. Snack- Avocado slices, dijon mustard, and a little white cheddar toasted on a seedy, healthy bread slice
23. Outfit- tank top, baggy cropped pants, gladiator sandals, sunglasses
24. Thing W says- "Mama, we're best friends together forever!"
25. Homemade veggie burger- Emily's bean burgers

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