What Saved Our Ride Home

1. My comfy cropped sweat pants and an almost too-soft David Gray concert tee
2. A raspberry green tea frappucino from Starbucks
3. Some animal flash cards from the Target dollar bins that kept R occupied for about 2.5 hours
4. A Handy Manny (?) and a Disney Princess Color Wonder books with Color Wonder markers
5. Our ever-popular "Find an American Flag" game. R is freakishly good at spotting them.
6. Air Supply Greatest Hits (I always save it for like the 4th hour (out of 5.5) of the road trip- it gives me a boost to make it home the rest of the way)
7. "The Quad Squad," as I lovingly called them, which consisted of my car, a white VW Cabrio convertible a la Cindy Mancini in Can't Buy Me Love, a black Silverado pick-up, and a red Malibu that drove as a speeding pack from Poplar Bluff to Farmington. I loved those guys.
8. Barbara's Snackimals
9. My Burts Bees chapstick that was passed back and forth between the two kids

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